Creating community, nourishing curiosity and inspiring wonder.


A Place Where Kids Can Be Kids

Macalester Plymouth Preschool recognizes the uniqueness of each child. We emphasize the concept of self-worth, as well as the development of social interaction skills. We strive to create a climate for learning that encourages exploration, discovery, and creative encounters. Children learn through play, and that is what they do at Macalester Plymouth Preschool.


“Each child's inborn sense of wonder is a precious gift that we carefully nurture.”

— suzanne mcmahon, teacher emeritus


We feel that it is increasingly important for young children to develop a global consciousness. Through art, music, books, and special programs, we sow the seeds of cultural awareness that result in a respect toward, and joy in diversity. Our goal is for the children to accept and appreciate all people.

We also understand that children care about our world and all its creatures. They celebrate and delight in the mysteries of earth, sea and sky. Our program is designed to encourage compassion for the planet. When children leave this program, we hope they will take with them a love of the Earth that will grow with them into adulthood.

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Our Classrooms

Our weekly program accepts children who have turn 3, 4, or 5 years of age as of September 1st of the year of enrollment.  Certain circumstances can be discussed with the preschool directors as they have discretion over the enrollment process.


Room 1

for three and four year olds.

This is where students develop their first relationships with a peer community and learning.

Room 2

for four and five year olds.

Here students move beyond the classroom and explore what it means to be part of a larger, global community.


In the classroom, we nurture creativity and curiosity and encourage exploration of new ideas and experiences.

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Our enrollment process for the fall officially begins in January, but we schedule tours throughout the year. We are excited to meet you and your child!

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