“The love and inclusion in the classrooms imprinted on the children while the joy of each unit stayed in their hearts.”

— Julie VanElswyk, parent


“Macalester Plymouth is a creative, nurturing environment that teaches children about the world through beloved stories, art and music. It is a joy-filled learning environment where all kids are encouraged and praised rather than critiqued—and kindness is valued over achievement. It is truly a magical place in all senses of the word.”

— Amber waldo, parent


“My firstborn was in Room 2 when he was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of four. Beginning his chemotherapy, it wasn’t the trips to public places or parties he missed when his immune defenses were low—it was preschool. It was the travels around the world and the stories they learned. It was the music, adventure, and focus on every person’s uniqueness. And, despite the intensity of his physical trials, it was the magic of preschool that still makes his fourth year his personal favorite. 

Ask any Mac-Plymouth family, and they’ll tell you how the love and inclusion in the classrooms imprinted on their children while the joy of each unit stayed in their hearts. I see it in my six-year-old when she looks for Tomten footprints in the snow, in my nine-year-old when he still says goodnight each night in Swahili, and in my oldest when he, years later, chose to go to Monet’s pink house in France for his Make-A-Wish. The magic of Macalester Plymouth preschool simply endures—I will forever be grateful.”

— Julie vanelswyk, parent


“Mac Plymouth encouraged my kids to have curiosity and a love for learning, a deep understanding of community and to celebrate the incredible diversity that exists in our world.”

— Jessica Burns, parent


“The teachers at Macalester Plymouth Preschool have an innate ability to inspire wonder, creativity, and curiosity in every child. But what makes Macalester Plymouth truly magical is that the children carry this inspiration with them their entire lives. I can’t think of a more perfect way to begin a child’s education!”

— Suzanne SENECAl hill, parent


“The amount of love and dedication the teachers pour into their work is tremendous.”

— vanessa martin


“Our experience with Macalester Plymouth has been such a unique and magical adventure. The teachers are gems and it's obvious that they see each child as an individual.

In Room 1, my daughter's progress and challenges were regularly shared with me and those encouraging comments meant so much to me as a mom. I think what I loved this year in Room Zoo was realizing that the teachers aren't just there for the kids they have in class—it was a normal occasion for Room Zoo alum to visit for a sibling drop off and be welcomed with open arms and lots of love.

And if that wasn't enough to fall in love with Macalester Plymouth preschool, my daughter came home and taught me how to count to five in French (which turned into 20!), she knew more about Ruby Bridges than I ever did at her age and she's adopted a love of some amazing music! There really isn't a doubt in my mind that when Centerfield by John Fogerty comes on any time in her life she will automatically remember her Mac Plymouth days. And I will too! Thank you, Mac P, thank you!”

— Sylvia rose flood, parent