Our Classrooms


Room 1

Where Community Begins.

Welcome to Room 1! We understand that for many, this will be your child’s first school experience and we strive to make it a wonderful year of growth and discovery. Room 1 is a place for your child to discover a passion for learning through play. We understand the importance that social and emotional development plays in academic learning, so we will be exploring science, dramatic play, music, and literacy through hands-on learning opportunities. Your child will be learning how to share, take turns, learn problem-solving skills, and form friendships. Most importantly, they will experience a passion for school!


In Room 1, there is a lot of imaginative play in the the play home and a work shop area that changes throughout the year—from pet vet to shoe store, post office and grocery store. We also sharpen fine motor development with activities like coloring, cutting and glueing, play dough, puzzles and sand. Time in the gym and with our Creative Movement teacher allows kids to develop their large motor skills as well.



Room 2

Exploring the World.

In Room 2, we explore our wide, wonderful world by dancing to African music, climbing mountains, painting in France, rocking out with The Beatles, having tea with the Queen, swimming with the selkies, chasing Jemima Puddleduck around Hilltop Farm and running the Iditarod in Alaska.

Here your children gain an awareness of global diversity — that no matter what we look like or where we come from, we all laugh, sit on grandma’s lap, and play games. Songs from many cultures, a variety of art forms and books from around the world are a large part of our journey. We teach that kindness and cooperation are important virtues in the classroom and for the rest of their life. Our focus is still on learning through play, and we encourage kids to follow their curiosities, ask questions and we aid them in learning about their interests. Your children learn to be global citizens and stewards of the earth; they learn to recycle, compost and, above all, take care of each other and our planet.


In Room 2, we welcome a number of special guest teachers, including Gretchen the Baker, Ms Jen the Wool Wonder Worker, Fran the Creative Movement teacher, and Shadia the Belly Dancer.